VI Updates: November 17–23


Jag recently filmed the first part of something exciting and is waiting on the greenlight to announce this alongside airing dates. In addition to this he is very focused on invites, and sharing of vids outside of the app to ramp up growth.

Josh is working on the logistics of the KuCoin airdrop and everything associated with this in addition to some cool stuff for VI that will probably be announced in next weeks update.

Antek is planning to focus on nothing but Tags and Security this sprint, both ongoing projects that will yield great returns for the app and the users both. (And both of them fascinating rabbit holes as well.)



Andy’s got his hands full this week, and hoping to launch new bug-reporting solutions for app users (which will free up Milica to spend more time in the app, and less on Telegram), as well as forging a series of new NFT tags. Of course, he’ll also be doing his usual QA, backlog grooming, and sprint management.


This Sprint is an exciting one for Bec, as she’s working on a press release with some exciting news (which she can’t wait to announce, but won’t do it here, at least not today), plus making two new promo videos, as well as changing the App Store descriptions. On top of that, she’s also planning out some website improvements (I can’t wait to see what she has in mind!)


Rohan is working closely with engineering, making sure we have all the data we need to get accurate results for the current Growth Experiments he’s running. These are all based around increasing App Retention, but he’s also designing further experiments around improving Stickiness and Engagement. (All of these are tied together, but they’re also each a series of unique experiments.) While he’s working on all of those, Rohan will also be investigating ways to improve the Explore Algorithm, surfacing more and better content to more people.



Jakub and Adam are right this moment deep and working on improving support for lower-end Android devices — and actually anything with Android v9 and below. Once they’re finished on that, Adam will return to implementing the new outro branding for downloaded Android Vids — Egor is implementing this for iOS — and then both Adam and Egor will start localizing those outros. (The first step on a long road toward localizing our app for different languages.) Egor’s also tackling a series of small iOS bugs, which hopefully won’t present any problems.


Janusz is finishing up the energy bar improvements today — no promises, but we’re hoping to share it with you before this weekend. He’s also going to be making sure the latest Vid from Vid (that’s us!) is seen by new users, to improve retention. Once he’s done with those, he’ll start identifying and breaking down tickets that should be opened for Tags in-app implementation (starting next week), and helping Rohan out with events for analytics. Aleksandar is working on bugs, such as when new users post their first Vid (and it doesn’t show up! gulp!) and a second-take on the infinite scroll bug on empty user profiles. Hopefully he’ll also be able to implement the ability to refresh the Explore and Following Feeds, without scrolling all the way to the top. We’ll see!


Stevan is helping out both Content Creation and Content Playback this Sprint, both fixing the “share Vid” flow, and then implementing an entirely new one! He’s also going to build out a new post-upload flow, simplifying the “make public” flow (by several clicks) and making it easier to share your newly-published Vids. Hopefully he’ll also manage to implement a “leave a review” prompt after seven days of us. Veljko is fixing upload bugs — the ones that cause infinite retries — as well as a quick text change for the “invite friends” flow, and also some improvements to Vid trimming. Abbas meanwhile is working on some bugs, including one that I’m not going to tell you about (Milica would hate me if I did) and one that’s tied to our Android notifications.


Milica is hoping that Andy manages to push through the new bug-reporting tools this week — to free up some of her time — but in the meantime, she’s hard at work in Telegram and in the app, identifying and squashing bugs. (She’s always the messenger of the bad news… why not share some good news with her today?)


Daniel’s primary goal this week is the infrastructure for Tags. As I write this, he’s leading a meeting digging into the intricacies of them, and sending me regular pings with deep, deep questions about them. Andy’s hoping he’ll squeeze in a couple of other tickets this Sprint, but not until Tags are well underway. Anonymous is helping Abbas out on that bug I can’t tell you anything more about, and he’ll also be posting some new NFT tags, implementing a new design for the Vid web player, and hopefully setting up communications with users who’s content has been moderated or taken down. Finally, Boris is configuring the ECS Cluster with continuous deployment.